Monday, December 10, 2007

MicroSoft placement paper -2

The paper had three sections(I am not sure about the names of the sections, but the times are
correct, trust me!)
Verbal ability 25 qs 20 mts
Mental ability 25 qs 30 mts
Aptitude 20 qs 20 mts
If you just want to go thru the questions, just look at ‘à’
The first section had basic English qs like use of prepositions, articles and two passages (both
windows related):
àThe first one was about RAM, and how Windows assigns a bit of RAM to each process and
what happens in the case of multi-processing and all that.
àThe second one was about DLL (Dynamic Linked Library) files and how they get an operation
These passages were followed by a set of questions which were simple if you carefully read the
passage. My advice is that you better read the passages first clearly and only then start to answer
the questions that follow. If you try to jump off in the middle to answer, you’ll only end up
confused(because the choices given are such). That wraps up this section.
The second section mainly had questions involving union and intersection, for example:
àThere are 2500 people in a club. 800 were drinkers, 1250 were smokers and 400 were both
drinkers and smokers. The number of teetotalers?
There was not much variation from question to question; I mean all were more or less of the
same pattern.
And there were cube-based problems:
àA child was given to paint a cube with the following conditions:
White should face down.
Black and blue should be on the opposite faces.
Golden should be up.
..and some more like this. This was followed by a set of questions which were simple and direct.
The second one was a toughie.
àThe cube again, with some conditions for colours. It is cut into two halves parallel to the black
faced plane. The first half is cut into 4 equal cubes. And the second part into 32 equal cubes.
The questions were:
Number of cubes with at least one face coloured.
Number of cubes with no face coloured.
Number of cubes which have green on one of their faces.
And some more(this was the last question in the section so I couldn’t get to all).

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