Monday, December 10, 2007

Xansa placement papers

1. Sum of three nos is 98. The ratio between 1 and 2 is 2:3.
The ratio between 2 and 3 is 5:8 . Find the second no?
2. A car travels uphill at 30 km/hr and downhill at 60 km/hr.
It goes 100 km uphill and 50 km downhill. Find the average speed
of the car?
3. A batsman's avg in 12 innings is 24.00 . If his avg is to be
double of the no of innings (15 innnings), what should he score in
the remaining three innings (avg)?
4. A man buys 1kg of sandalwood and 1kg of teakwood. He
sells one for 10% profit and other for 10% loss.What is total
profit/loss percentage?
5. In a class of 250 students, on JAN 2 15% of the girls and
10% of the boys are absent. If on 100% attendance there are 10
boys. Find the percentage present?
6. Mandrake has to choose from 4 from 10 people. There are
3 girls, 5 boys , 2 children. What is total probability that he will
choose 1G , 2B , 1C?
7. Some questions on Geometry?
8. Some questions on Measurements?
9. Some questions on permutation and combination.
Section 2 - Ananlytical
10. Cities A - M are connected.Distance between any two cities
is 1mile.They gave which city connects which city.Q's based on
these data
11. One pblm on DI.Gulshan Kumar and Rakesh Roshan take
a film. If they take a art film it's 25 lacs or a multi starrer it's 75
lacs.They spend 28% on clothing ,11% on lighting.Actor fee 22%
for Multi starrer or 10 lacs for art film.Based on these data some
questions were asked.
Section 3 - Verbal
General GRE type q's.:Analogies,Reading
Section 4 - Visual reasoning.
Some figures were given and told to fill up the blanks.
Some figures were given and told to fill up the blanks. for the post of
system trainee. They need people to work in MAINFRAMES.The paper
was ok, except a few questions others were basic.They paper consisted of
4 sections. Quants,Anals,Verbal and Visual Reasoning.They wnated us to
attend all the sections, because they clearly stated that any ommission,
they will not value the papers and chances of getting shortlisted was little.
After the test they asked us to write a essay on any of these three topics.
• My Family
• My Career
• What two things i would change if I was the prime minister
of India.
The tech interview was a breeze
• Tell me abt urself
• Some questions on my project.
• Q's from subjects studied in past semesters.He actually told
me to write 4 important subjects in each semester and asked q's
from them.

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