Thursday, February 28, 2008

Earn money by blogging

Do you have a very good site with good number of visitors and a Page Rank then you can make money with your blog very easily. Just by writing small reviews for about 150-200 words you can make decent amount of money. With Smorty you can do all these. The main thing is that advertisers can advertise their blogs with the reviews written by many bloggers all over the world. You get good number of backlinks on very good page rank sites. So your site will be doing top in the search engine listing. Bloggers can advertise on blogs and make money. Smorty acts as an intermediate between the advertisers and the bloggers. All the advertiser has to do is to register their site and tell their requirements and pay the money, the rest will be done by smorty. The bloggers job is also really very simple. All you have to do is register your site/blog with smorty and if you meet their requirements they will approve your site. Daily you can login into your admin panel and check for aopportuinities and if there are any you can write reviews and earn money. The really best thing is that money is paid for bloggers via paypal and they do pay weekly. Isn't that really looking great. So whay do you wait go and register your site with smorty and earn money.

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