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HexaWare placement papers

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Hexaware - Question paper - 01 Conducted On -- 26-June-2003
Hexaware Technologies-Exam Conducted on 26-June-2003
Pattern - 100 qns in 60 mins
Find the Wrongly Spelt word
Fill in the blanks
Aptitude (purely mathematical)
- Better have a look at the previous 1998 qn paper, from that we got many questions.
- strong analytical geometric and mensurational skills needed.
Computer Awareness
- Simply like find odd man out and 10 qns regarding 2 pseudocodes given
Time Constraint was the big thing, u cannot complete the paper if u solve all the
qns, its not needed also, they're just seeing the relative mark, in our college from 150
, 29 were shortlisted for GD and from it 12 were shortlisted for Interview, i missed
out in GD.
Topics were War on Iraq, Leaders Born or Made
Try to assess ur group in GD, if u think its of to be an debating group, pls don't
follow GD rules, and create ur oppurtunities for speaking as raising ur tone,
intervening the conversation going on, 'its pretty sure that u'll be going off the GD
rules, but it was the case in our group", i followed GD rules and i missed it out.
Hexaware Testv1.0 ------- June 2003
LANGUAGE SKILLS - 15questions
some words
1. acrimonous
2. inconspicious
3. bland
4. abate
5. cusp
6. profligate
7. vigour
8. lighten
(check the spellings in dictionary)
APTITUDE SECTION - 85questions
odd man out-like man in
1. A E I O
ans o - (rest are made of lines now tell me are a big zero)
2. (fig) circle star rectangle
ans star - rest are flowchart symbols
3. programs documents settings properties
ans properties (others appear in START menu - he! my favourite
4. processor ,motherboard ,display card, mouse
ans mouse - (others are inside the cabinet -- need out of the box
computer UNawareness
5. where is SIM card found
ans mobile phone (by the way can you expand SIM)
6. what is the lock symbol appearing in bootom of the browser mean
ans. connection secured (confusing another choice is Verisign
secured - you will see tick mark when it is Verisign authorised)
7. expand WAP
ans Wireless Application Protocol
8. expand CORBA
ans Common Object Request Broker Architeture
9. - means what
ans IP Address
crack choice a)sums choice b)your head
10. Find the reminder when 333666777888999 divided by 3 or 9 or 11 ?
11. Which is the biggest perfect square amongst the following :
15129, 12348, 23716, 20736
12. In the series 0, 3, 8, 15,__ What is the next number?
13. X <> 0 then what is the possibility that the result is
always positive?
Ans. (xy)^2
14. Let ax2 + bx + c = 0
If the sum of the equal roots is equal to the product of the same
roots.Then which of the following hold true
(a) a + b = 0
(b) a = 0
(c) c = 0
(d) a + c = 0
15. Find the value of (1.99)2
Ans. 3.9601(dont calc - should be near to 4)
16. There is a room with 6' x 8'. A 1' tile is fixed along the 4
walls in one row. How many 1" tiles require to
finish the work.
Ans. 24
17. 2 persons can finish a job in 8 days. First person alone can
finish the work in 24 days. How many days
does the second person take to finish the job?
Ans. 12 days
18. In a car wheel, two spokes cover 15 degree. Then for the entire
car,how many spokes are there?
Ans. 24.
19. What is the angle of degree suspended when two hands of clock
showing the time 2.30.
Ans. 105 degrees
20. A person's salary is getting reduced by 20%. What percentage
should be added to get back his
original salary?
Ans. 25%
21. Two persons start at the same point, walk in opposite directions
with 5km/hr and 5.5km/hr respectively.
What is the distance separated after 2 and half hrs?
Ans. 26.25 (approx)
22. A person starts walking at a speed of 5km/hr through half the
distance, rest of the distance he covers with a
speed 4km/hr. Total time of travel is 9 hours. What is the maximum
distance he can cover?
Ans. 40km.
23. In a rectangle the length is increased by of the original
length . By what proportion should the
width be reduced so that the area will be the same?
Ans. 33
24. Find the nth number in the series is 1, -3, 5, -7.___
Ans. (-1)*(2n-1)
25. If a square is formed by the diagonal of the square as an edge,
what is the ratio between the area?
Ans. 2
26. The perimeter of a rhombus is 52 units. One of its diagonal is 24
units.What is its second diagonals length?
Ans. 10
27. A cubical rectangular bar has the dimensions with the ratio 5 :
4 : 3. Its volume is 7500. What is the
surface area of the bar?
Ans. 2350
28. A persons salary iis decreased by steps of 20%, 15% and 10%. What
will be the percentage decrease, if the
salary is decreased in a single shot?
29. 3 persons started placementpapers with a capital of Rs.3000 . B
invest Rs.600 less than A, C invest Rs.300 less
than B. Then what is the share amount of B in a profit of Rs.886 ?
30. 178^2 -22^2
(USE (A+B)(A-B))
31. f(x) = x! g(x)=x^10 h(x)= 10^x for large values of x which is
32. f(x) = 1/(1-x) find(f(f(f(x)))
33. x+(1/x) = 2.5 find x^2 + (1/x^2)
34. 2^(2^n) = 256 find 2^(2n)
35. x=0 y=0 6x+7y=42 find position(lies inside/out/on) of (4,5) in
the triangle
36. 22 Jun 2003 is sunday which year previously did 22 jun became
37. A man walked 30m west 5m south 10m west 35m north to reach
tollgate find the dist from start to gate.
ans. 50m (use pythogoras)
38. area of square = sum of areas of rect1(41*27) and rect2(41*14).
find square side.
ans. 41
39. find next in series 31,29,31,30,31,?
ans. 30 he!he!he!(they rep jan,feb,mar,.... hit your head)
Walk/Swim thro Coding
40. Input a,b
Print s
for given values of a,b find the output
5questions for different values of a,b
41. Input a,b
for given values of a,b (i remember one 29,5) find the output
1. Do the coding first and you are out - They are time consuming - Save the worst
for last
2. Be choosy - take the easy (questions) first - So scan scan scan
3. best path in hexaware tree
language ---->
odd man out ---->
computer awareness ---->
easy sums ----->
difficult sums---->
do this or find the path to your home.
4.SPEED kills but also wins. Put your brain in 5th gear
5.Blind goose guess - mark a or e - they are more probable
6. Write your q paper code proper or your are a man overboard
7. There is minimum no of q to be attempted(so they didnt say explicitly) and no
negative marking. So be generous!waste your ink! cross off for all questions
8. They will ask u in the pep talk in GD waht is the first or last question or your
So watch out all those DANGER-PAST-QUESTIONS-FORGOT type fellows
Group Discussion
1. No GD only shout!!! - Our LOk Sabha Style
2. Shout at top of your voice and shout some meaningful points
3. Please train ur vocal chords! Drink our good pure(pun intended) water before
4. IF u cant then carry a loudspeaker
5. 10 per group max 3 groups
6. final interview they select 3 from each group
7. Dont think 1-proposer 1-opposer 1-moderator it could 3-proposer or 3 opposer
8. If your group is silent Please follow GD rules.
9. 30 minutes of shouting(3min-choose the topic, 2min-prepare,20min-shout)
10. They might also give you a topic.
11. Please dont wait for your chance - Grab
12. Be ready to summarise. Try to say all the points told and say conclusion is yet to
be reached.
13. 2 or 3 choosen people will summarise.
14. Dont ever make unruly gestures. You are out immediately.
15. Be ready for any topic .Only general topic - no subject, economics style
HEXAWARE - Inside Out
Questions you want to ask but dont know to whom
1.Whats the noise?
They want to add 500 more in its payroll by christmas
I dont know how much % is freshers
2. How much they can fill your purse?
7500 for first 6 months
10,000 for next 6 months
20,000 thereafter
Indian rupees! No dollar dreams ;-)
3. Any strings?
You have to sign a bond for 1 year and you become James Bond
4. If I break?
Your dad pays 1.5 lacs to them.
5. Where they put you?
Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai
- should be ready pack your bags in a jiffy (and many times too)
6. What if I get out in GD or test
Pray those in interview should refuse to sign the bond
Offer goes down the line in each campus
7. Any perks
One free Cadburys perk on joining
Dont like it take Halwa!!!!
8. To how much people they would offer in my college
Works out to 5-15% of test takers.
So Start 1..2..3......

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