Monday, December 10, 2007

MindTree placement papers

1)A man sold a product for rs.56 and gained x% .Its original cost is rs.x ,what is the cost?
2)2power 300,3 power200 which is greater?
3)how many zeros are there from 1 to 10000
4)if a and b do a job together in 6 days
b and c together in 10 days
a and c together in 7.5 days
no of days when
i)a,b,c together
ii)if a alone does the job.
5)there are 12 yes/no types of questions ,in how many ways can they be answered?
6)find odd one out of 125,8 power 3,521,729
One got 20 % marks and failed by 10 marks,
other got 42% marks and got 12 % more than the passing requirement
What is the maximum marks?
8) --,32,224,…
9)Rs 50000 is divided into two parts
One part is given to a person with 10% interest and another part is given to a person with
20 % interest.At the end of first yearn he gets profit 7000
Find money given by 10%
10)Time shown by a watch is 2.20
Find the angle between them
Avg cost of 5apples+4 mangoes=rs.36
Avg cost of 7 apples + 8 mangoes=rs.48
Find total cost of 24 mangoes and 24 apples
12)Management : How ways it can be arranged without 2 a’s as continuous
1)Working in MNCs (+ve and –ve)
2)Working with Spouse in the same company (+ve and -ve)
1)No Roman is a human
2)All Humans are Men

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